Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"Pictured behind this darker cloud, is a pileus iridescent cloud, a group of water droplets that have a uniformly similar size and so together diffract different colors of sunlight by different amounts. The above image was taken just after the picturesque sight."

Have any of you ever seen anything like this in person? On tv or elsewhere? I always have to wonder when it's on the net but yet with this I am also thinking how totally amazing it would be to see it or even something similar in person. And, being it came from the net I have to wonder if it's "untouched" or enhanced. I'd love to think of this being real as it would be just phenomenal to experience.

So rather than just sit and look at it, I decided to share it with you. It came from an internet group for nature pics. I have no idea who it belongs to or who took the pic. I also don't know where it was photographed. I'd love to know the location at least!

It just "blows me away" to think of how it would look in person! Nature has a lot a miracles!

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