Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Again!

It's the end of October! Where did it go?

As much as I've done this month, I find that I've missed far more I could have done.... had I only known! I have missed National Squirrel Awareness Week, Black Walnut Day, National Pasta Week, No Salt Week and so so many other things I could have celebrated! Yes, I can live with having missed out, but I also know there's a lot of opportunities that I could have learned a bit more, too.

I will say Halloween won't pass by without notice as there is sooooo much on tv about it with advertising, special cooking treats, talk shows with the entertainers dressed "for the season", etc. That being, I really won't miss it as it's not one of my fav special times.

Now I have to figure out how to not miss so much excitement and learning opportunities for the month of November. I'll still be busy as ever and from the looks of October, I'll need a couple extra days tacked on to November just to look around and see what I can pass on and what I MUST participate in!

I've always had a personal goal to learn something new every day. I'm sure I can still accomplish that but I already know I'm behind in keeping up with all I could learn about!

No wonder we're all so stressed out and cramped on time!

And to keep you updated on the important doings in life here's a couple more tidbits!

Today is National Candy Corn day! I do like them - especially the chocolate, orange and white ones. I have to bite the white tip off first and then the chocolate (which is the best part of course) and then I can eat the center orange part.

Tomorrow is Halloween of course and it's National Caramel Apple Day. I can do apples and caramel dip just fine! I eat this a lot this time of the year!

Have a good Halloween and may you enjoy a piece of your favorite candy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is National Chocolate Day!

Yes, I will celebrate by eating some lovely dark chocolate. I'm about out of my monthly allotment so skipped yesterday's enjoyment so I could "celebrate" today. I LOVE chocolate!

How much do you say?

Well, I belong to 3, yes 3, chocolate themed recipe groups. I eat a lot of chocolate. I BELIEVE cocolate is the most important food group. Yes, I admit it.... I'm a chocoholic and need to google to find a 12 step program to read and enjoy! Does anyone have one? I did go to this link and take a chocolate quiz and here's my result.....

You’re an exuberant lover of all things chocolate, from bars and candy to desserts. Chocolate is both a treat and a pick-me-up. It might be said that you’re a bit more enthusiastic than discriminating. In general, you’ve got a serious sweet tooth. You’re fun, warm, and love a party. You’re non-judgmental and open to new things and new people. If it looks like chocolate, you’ll eat it.

I really didn't need the quiz to know this, but thought it would be fun to have something to share with you. Of course to share I HAD to take the quiz to see if it was worthy of this important day that is a declared national observance!

Unfortunately, I won't have time to incorporate chocolate into a full 12 course meal as it's specialist day for hubby in the biiiig city and we'll be on the road for over 3 hours and sitting in the medical center and getting treatments done for a couple more (leaving shortly but had to share with you). Besides, I'm not sure I want chocolate mashed potatoes.....

So it gets some recognition, yesterday was National Potato Day! The poor lowly potato gets some respect too! After some contemplation, I decided I would like yesterday's potatoes in a very non-descript manner and made stew with LOTS of onions, garlic and potatoes. I love the taste of potatoes simmered in that rich broth and they were YUMMY!

I do like potatoes too, but CHOCOLATE is my fav! So please celebrate with me and have some luscious chocolate today and ENJOY!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today is.....

National Pumpkin Day
National Pretzel Day
National Mince Meat Pie Day

Being almost 5 pm, I'm tough out of luck of celebrating any today! I usually have pretzels as they are a lower calorie snack that I enjoy. I like those puffy little individual bites that are about an inch or inch and a half long. I'd sure love a piece of mince meat pie. I've not had one in a long long time as mincemeat has become so very expensive the last few years. I was hoping I might get a chance to make my own fruit mincemeat this year that has green tomatoes and apples but the tomatoes didn't pan out well enough to do it so I have to hope for next year. I guess it shows there's always something to look forward too! When I get done canning (applesauce, apple juice and the last of the ripe tomatoes at the moment) my current project I will see if I can find a recipe for an apple mincemeat. At this point, any mincemeat would be good!

The 28th is National Chocolate Day. THAT one I MUST celebrate! Please don't tell on me, but I seem to celebrate that one most days as I am one of those who loves chocolate!

And I'm off as my canner is needing tended and I have another thought of something to search the net for!

Plants Toxic to Horses

Here is a good link to put in our favorites for future reference! This is an extensive list of toxic plants and each is a link of it's own for further info. It also lists the common names for each plant to help solve that potential dilemma also.

Here in the midwest, it's time to beware of the red maple leaves and wilted wild cherry trees. Both are highly toxic in the wilted stage and it's a horrible death for an animal and for the owner to deal with.

Prevention is always the best method! Also, a well-fed animal is much less likely to sample anything toxic as they aren't hungry so will graze for the tastier morsels of good grass and such!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sex Offender Registry & Trick or Treat

Something to ponder.....

On a daytime show they had a segment on taking the kids out to trick-or-treat and safety. One of the items mentioned was use of the SO Registry to know which homes one might want to avoid. This was interesting and I had not thought of doing this or even in the past when we didn't have that resource! These days one can look up the registry online and purvey the neighborhood they will visit for the kids to have fun.

I thought I'd mention it so you can give it some thought and decide if you are concerned or if it isn't an issue for you.

I know in my area there use to be a "community program" through the parole officers for the SO registrees to attend and it was mandatory for them to attend. Personally, I think it's a good idea for the program and would be a way that the SO's could spend some quality time that affords them something to do to. They are after all human and deserve to have some fun too.

I didn't know if the readers would find this of interest, but thought I'd give you the option....;)

Have a good day! I've got a little sunshine after a night of rain so it's a pretty day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Great Find

I stopped at a barn sale and found a few really neat "finds". One thing I'd been looking to find for a couple years is one of the old reel type mowers that you push and uses no gas..... just spins along with it's unique clattery clatter and flinging bits of grass above the blades.

The only bad thing about this find was something I hate..... finding 2 and not being able to decide! I just hate that as my luck is if I only get one I'll pick the one that is about to croak! What is one to do?

Well, I did the only "logical" thing.... I bought them both. They were so cheap that it was like getting 2 for one price anyways! They both work well so now I can mow in my "dog yard", mow around the garden raised beds, and get those little spots that make me wish I had one of these! Plus it's so much easier to get the weeds under the electric fence or up to the woven wire and not be worried about snagging the fence posts, wire, etc.

As you can guess, being I'm writing about something so simple, I'm tickled with my find! I really have been watching to find a working, reasonably priced one for a couple years! I've even posted on a cheap cycle group in my area asking to buy one with no luck.

I'm a farm girl and I LOVE a farm barn sale! I bought several things and am going to go back over. There was a square cast iron pan (frying pan type) with sides so not a griddle that I debated and debated over. I'm going to get it if it's still there.

It's interesting how "little things" in life can make one so happy! I felt like dancing all the way home!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some days it doesn't pay.....

to get up! Yesterday was one of those days one just can't get ahead and for everything one does they take a step forward but 2 or more backwards!

I don't have time to go into details but suffice to say, hubby has a lot of medical problems. He had an appointment with a podiatrist yesterday over an hour's drive away as he's done the "stint" with lamasil for his toe nails and it was time to trim them back. We got that done, BUT that was the least of the problems! He has a new quarter size diabetic ulcer on the edge of the Rey Amputation done on his foot AND he's got a broken foot! He has diabetic neuropathy so didn't feel it but looking at the xray sure made me CRINGE as it's separated and now over lapping the bone's 2 pieces. We have no insurance so surgery is another cringing stressor. The thought is it might heal and he can't feel it so if his foot will "accept" it it will be ok... and it is trying to heal. They did culture the ulcer as he had a major staph infection with other "culprits" before in the infection that turned to gangrene and precipitated the amputation last August. I didn't need 2 steps backwards.... AGAIN! So more prescriptions too and it looks like we have another specialist we will be "getting to know" on a regular basis.

I try to look at the pluses and it means he only has 6-8 weeks off his foot to heal the broken bone and ulcer (crossing my finger there) instead of several months of being bed-ridden. We got the prescriptions and got the missing one from our monthly 34 mile trip that Wal*Mart missed filling on the 8th without a separate trip. So we don't have to make a special trip back to get the missing prescription.

The weather was rain on the way there but cleared just before we found the place (big city traffic and a small office back in a multi-road/multi-professional complex of many many many identical buildings). They can sure make those complex roads twisty and puzzle like and with all the identical buildings..... WOW! The way home we took a shorter route to get out of town and took the main back roads home which was a nice scenic drive. We traveled a couple roads I'd not been on for years so saw changes and old "haunts" I use to travel when our girls were in 4H and I was on our county mounted division. It was an enjoyable ride albeit a long one!

I'll try to get back to homesteading type posts tomorrow! Today was catch up. I grabbed a cheap turkey at Wal*Mart and put it in the oven. I turned the oven on but forgot to turn the temp control back up so took a step back wards there too. I have the legs and wings in the micro and the squash and potatoes are almost done roasting. We got lots (I do mean LOTS) of squash and potatoes for winter storage at the orchard up north last week. Dinner will be GOOD!

Have a good evening and a good dinner!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A bit of humor...

I'm not seeing any signs of an Indian Summer and I'm already tired of the rain and COLD! Our temps here are running a good 10 degrees below normal and the jet stream seems stuck in a jet stream rut!

So I decide to humor myself with finding a spring banner to see how many days until Spring..... This isn't funny!

Spring countdown banner

Human error is human and error and happens but now I don't know if Spring really ends then and Summer begins or it it's this number of days until Spring. I don't know if it's a joke or error though. I guess the good news is that in that number of days I should be enjoying some weather more to my liking, right?

I guess a banner for the number of days until January 1st might be an idea.... that a good step in the right direction of seeking Spring!

New Year's 2010 countdown banner

At least this number is below 100 so not so "depressing"!

I do know that I could sure enjoy some 60 + degree days like we should be getting!

In spite of my whining, have a great day. Yes, I will get over it but probably not until the real Spring gets here or at least close to it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Meanderings

The 2nd was National Pickle Day. What is your fav pickle? Mine are home canned dill with garlic. I like lots of dill and like them a bit salty. YUM!
I canned a jar of squash pickles for hubby on pickle day. I went out to pick the last of my garden bounty, as it was suppose to frost and freeze that night, and I picked several tiny zucchini and summer squashes, I figured they'd be good (and attractive) in a soup, but hubby thought they'd be attractive in a pickle jar. So pickles they are.

The 4th was National Taco Day! I need to find these important days before the fact! Today (5th) is Apple Betty Day and tomorrow (6th) is Noodle Day. I can do that! ;)

I also canned a pint of fresh goat milk when I did the pickles. I did BWB it (NOT USDA appropriate) but need to reread directions, as I think it's suppose to be pressure canned. I need to have some on hand for orphan kids in the spring if we have a goatie emergency.

Yesterday I made goat cheese again and today I'm using the whey to cook dry beans to freeze for quick and easy use. I also cut the bottom 2/3 off a vinegar jug to have for a container for the bags of beans in the freezer (and have one with small packages of cheese also). That way I know just where they are and how many are left. I have a problem with loosing small packages of food I put aside in there so this is a new organization effort that I think will be successful. It also gave me a chance to recycle another plastic jug that goes to filling landfills.

Wednesday we are heading north for our annual pilmagride to the orchard and to enjoy the Fall colors. A couple months ago I bought a fresh juicer machine and I've juiced a few things since. I LOVE it! I'd buy it again in a heart beat. I'd wanted one for a long time and now I wonder why I waited. Last week I did some apples off a scrub tree and ohhhh was that ever good. I refrigerated some until the next day and my intent was to have a few sips now and then .... you know, drag it out to enjoy it more. After a couple times of having sips when I got into the frigde I couldn't do it..... I had to drink the whole glass. It was cold and soooo delicious. I wanted MORE!!Now I'm in a complete state of not knowing how many bags of windfalls to buy just to juice (and will get carrots too!). I also want to can some quarts of juice. (The muskmelon was also wonderful! Carrots are GREAT!) I'm going to use the pulp to either add to applesauce or have for making muffins, etc. Either way I'll get double the use with the apples and there sure won't be any "waste" other than the seeds when I get done!

It's a busy time of the year!