Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Great Find

I stopped at a barn sale and found a few really neat "finds". One thing I'd been looking to find for a couple years is one of the old reel type mowers that you push and uses no gas..... just spins along with it's unique clattery clatter and flinging bits of grass above the blades.

The only bad thing about this find was something I hate..... finding 2 and not being able to decide! I just hate that as my luck is if I only get one I'll pick the one that is about to croak! What is one to do?

Well, I did the only "logical" thing.... I bought them both. They were so cheap that it was like getting 2 for one price anyways! They both work well so now I can mow in my "dog yard", mow around the garden raised beds, and get those little spots that make me wish I had one of these! Plus it's so much easier to get the weeds under the electric fence or up to the woven wire and not be worried about snagging the fence posts, wire, etc.

As you can guess, being I'm writing about something so simple, I'm tickled with my find! I really have been watching to find a working, reasonably priced one for a couple years! I've even posted on a cheap cycle group in my area asking to buy one with no luck.

I'm a farm girl and I LOVE a farm barn sale! I bought several things and am going to go back over. There was a square cast iron pan (frying pan type) with sides so not a griddle that I debated and debated over. I'm going to get it if it's still there.

It's interesting how "little things" in life can make one so happy! I felt like dancing all the way home!

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