Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Meanderings

The 2nd was National Pickle Day. What is your fav pickle? Mine are home canned dill with garlic. I like lots of dill and like them a bit salty. YUM!
I canned a jar of squash pickles for hubby on pickle day. I went out to pick the last of my garden bounty, as it was suppose to frost and freeze that night, and I picked several tiny zucchini and summer squashes, I figured they'd be good (and attractive) in a soup, but hubby thought they'd be attractive in a pickle jar. So pickles they are.

The 4th was National Taco Day! I need to find these important days before the fact! Today (5th) is Apple Betty Day and tomorrow (6th) is Noodle Day. I can do that! ;)

I also canned a pint of fresh goat milk when I did the pickles. I did BWB it (NOT USDA appropriate) but need to reread directions, as I think it's suppose to be pressure canned. I need to have some on hand for orphan kids in the spring if we have a goatie emergency.

Yesterday I made goat cheese again and today I'm using the whey to cook dry beans to freeze for quick and easy use. I also cut the bottom 2/3 off a vinegar jug to have for a container for the bags of beans in the freezer (and have one with small packages of cheese also). That way I know just where they are and how many are left. I have a problem with loosing small packages of food I put aside in there so this is a new organization effort that I think will be successful. It also gave me a chance to recycle another plastic jug that goes to filling landfills.

Wednesday we are heading north for our annual pilmagride to the orchard and to enjoy the Fall colors. A couple months ago I bought a fresh juicer machine and I've juiced a few things since. I LOVE it! I'd buy it again in a heart beat. I'd wanted one for a long time and now I wonder why I waited. Last week I did some apples off a scrub tree and ohhhh was that ever good. I refrigerated some until the next day and my intent was to have a few sips now and then .... you know, drag it out to enjoy it more. After a couple times of having sips when I got into the frigde I couldn't do it..... I had to drink the whole glass. It was cold and soooo delicious. I wanted MORE!!Now I'm in a complete state of not knowing how many bags of windfalls to buy just to juice (and will get carrots too!). I also want to can some quarts of juice. (The muskmelon was also wonderful! Carrots are GREAT!) I'm going to use the pulp to either add to applesauce or have for making muffins, etc. Either way I'll get double the use with the apples and there sure won't be any "waste" other than the seeds when I get done!

It's a busy time of the year!

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