Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sex Offender Registry & Trick or Treat

Something to ponder.....

On a daytime show they had a segment on taking the kids out to trick-or-treat and safety. One of the items mentioned was use of the SO Registry to know which homes one might want to avoid. This was interesting and I had not thought of doing this or even in the past when we didn't have that resource! These days one can look up the registry online and purvey the neighborhood they will visit for the kids to have fun.

I thought I'd mention it so you can give it some thought and decide if you are concerned or if it isn't an issue for you.

I know in my area there use to be a "community program" through the parole officers for the SO registrees to attend and it was mandatory for them to attend. Personally, I think it's a good idea for the program and would be a way that the SO's could spend some quality time that affords them something to do to. They are after all human and deserve to have some fun too.

I didn't know if the readers would find this of interest, but thought I'd give you the option....;)

Have a good day! I've got a little sunshine after a night of rain so it's a pretty day!

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