Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some days it doesn't pay.....

to get up! Yesterday was one of those days one just can't get ahead and for everything one does they take a step forward but 2 or more backwards!

I don't have time to go into details but suffice to say, hubby has a lot of medical problems. He had an appointment with a podiatrist yesterday over an hour's drive away as he's done the "stint" with lamasil for his toe nails and it was time to trim them back. We got that done, BUT that was the least of the problems! He has a new quarter size diabetic ulcer on the edge of the Rey Amputation done on his foot AND he's got a broken foot! He has diabetic neuropathy so didn't feel it but looking at the xray sure made me CRINGE as it's separated and now over lapping the bone's 2 pieces. We have no insurance so surgery is another cringing stressor. The thought is it might heal and he can't feel it so if his foot will "accept" it it will be ok... and it is trying to heal. They did culture the ulcer as he had a major staph infection with other "culprits" before in the infection that turned to gangrene and precipitated the amputation last August. I didn't need 2 steps backwards.... AGAIN! So more prescriptions too and it looks like we have another specialist we will be "getting to know" on a regular basis.

I try to look at the pluses and it means he only has 6-8 weeks off his foot to heal the broken bone and ulcer (crossing my finger there) instead of several months of being bed-ridden. We got the prescriptions and got the missing one from our monthly 34 mile trip that Wal*Mart missed filling on the 8th without a separate trip. So we don't have to make a special trip back to get the missing prescription.

The weather was rain on the way there but cleared just before we found the place (big city traffic and a small office back in a multi-road/multi-professional complex of many many many identical buildings). They can sure make those complex roads twisty and puzzle like and with all the identical buildings..... WOW! The way home we took a shorter route to get out of town and took the main back roads home which was a nice scenic drive. We traveled a couple roads I'd not been on for years so saw changes and old "haunts" I use to travel when our girls were in 4H and I was on our county mounted division. It was an enjoyable ride albeit a long one!

I'll try to get back to homesteading type posts tomorrow! Today was catch up. I grabbed a cheap turkey at Wal*Mart and put it in the oven. I turned the oven on but forgot to turn the temp control back up so took a step back wards there too. I have the legs and wings in the micro and the squash and potatoes are almost done roasting. We got lots (I do mean LOTS) of squash and potatoes for winter storage at the orchard up north last week. Dinner will be GOOD!

Have a good evening and a good dinner!

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