Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A bit of humor...

I'm not seeing any signs of an Indian Summer and I'm already tired of the rain and COLD! Our temps here are running a good 10 degrees below normal and the jet stream seems stuck in a jet stream rut!

So I decide to humor myself with finding a spring banner to see how many days until Spring..... This isn't funny!

Spring countdown banner

Human error is human and error and happens but now I don't know if Spring really ends then and Summer begins or it it's this number of days until Spring. I don't know if it's a joke or error though. I guess the good news is that in that number of days I should be enjoying some weather more to my liking, right?

I guess a banner for the number of days until January 1st might be an idea.... that a good step in the right direction of seeking Spring!

New Year's 2010 countdown banner

At least this number is below 100 so not so "depressing"!

I do know that I could sure enjoy some 60 + degree days like we should be getting!

In spite of my whining, have a great day. Yes, I will get over it but probably not until the real Spring gets here or at least close to it!

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