Monday, October 26, 2009

Today is.....

National Pumpkin Day
National Pretzel Day
National Mince Meat Pie Day

Being almost 5 pm, I'm tough out of luck of celebrating any today! I usually have pretzels as they are a lower calorie snack that I enjoy. I like those puffy little individual bites that are about an inch or inch and a half long. I'd sure love a piece of mince meat pie. I've not had one in a long long time as mincemeat has become so very expensive the last few years. I was hoping I might get a chance to make my own fruit mincemeat this year that has green tomatoes and apples but the tomatoes didn't pan out well enough to do it so I have to hope for next year. I guess it shows there's always something to look forward too! When I get done canning (applesauce, apple juice and the last of the ripe tomatoes at the moment) my current project I will see if I can find a recipe for an apple mincemeat. At this point, any mincemeat would be good!

The 28th is National Chocolate Day. THAT one I MUST celebrate! Please don't tell on me, but I seem to celebrate that one most days as I am one of those who loves chocolate!

And I'm off as my canner is needing tended and I have another thought of something to search the net for!

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