Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Again!

It's the end of October! Where did it go?

As much as I've done this month, I find that I've missed far more I could have done.... had I only known! I have missed National Squirrel Awareness Week, Black Walnut Day, National Pasta Week, No Salt Week and so so many other things I could have celebrated! Yes, I can live with having missed out, but I also know there's a lot of opportunities that I could have learned a bit more, too.

I will say Halloween won't pass by without notice as there is sooooo much on tv about it with advertising, special cooking treats, talk shows with the entertainers dressed "for the season", etc. That being, I really won't miss it as it's not one of my fav special times.

Now I have to figure out how to not miss so much excitement and learning opportunities for the month of November. I'll still be busy as ever and from the looks of October, I'll need a couple extra days tacked on to November just to look around and see what I can pass on and what I MUST participate in!

I've always had a personal goal to learn something new every day. I'm sure I can still accomplish that but I already know I'm behind in keeping up with all I could learn about!

No wonder we're all so stressed out and cramped on time!

And to keep you updated on the important doings in life here's a couple more tidbits!

Today is National Candy Corn day! I do like them - especially the chocolate, orange and white ones. I have to bite the white tip off first and then the chocolate (which is the best part of course) and then I can eat the center orange part.

Tomorrow is Halloween of course and it's National Caramel Apple Day. I can do apples and caramel dip just fine! I eat this a lot this time of the year!

Have a good Halloween and may you enjoy a piece of your favorite candy!

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