Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is National Chocolate Day!

Yes, I will celebrate by eating some lovely dark chocolate. I'm about out of my monthly allotment so skipped yesterday's enjoyment so I could "celebrate" today. I LOVE chocolate!

How much do you say?

Well, I belong to 3, yes 3, chocolate themed recipe groups. I eat a lot of chocolate. I BELIEVE cocolate is the most important food group. Yes, I admit it.... I'm a chocoholic and need to google to find a 12 step program to read and enjoy! Does anyone have one? I did go to this link and take a chocolate quiz and here's my result.....

You’re an exuberant lover of all things chocolate, from bars and candy to desserts. Chocolate is both a treat and a pick-me-up. It might be said that you’re a bit more enthusiastic than discriminating. In general, you’ve got a serious sweet tooth. You’re fun, warm, and love a party. You’re non-judgmental and open to new things and new people. If it looks like chocolate, you’ll eat it.

I really didn't need the quiz to know this, but thought it would be fun to have something to share with you. Of course to share I HAD to take the quiz to see if it was worthy of this important day that is a declared national observance!

Unfortunately, I won't have time to incorporate chocolate into a full 12 course meal as it's specialist day for hubby in the biiiig city and we'll be on the road for over 3 hours and sitting in the medical center and getting treatments done for a couple more (leaving shortly but had to share with you). Besides, I'm not sure I want chocolate mashed potatoes.....

So it gets some recognition, yesterday was National Potato Day! The poor lowly potato gets some respect too! After some contemplation, I decided I would like yesterday's potatoes in a very non-descript manner and made stew with LOTS of onions, garlic and potatoes. I love the taste of potatoes simmered in that rich broth and they were YUMMY!

I do like potatoes too, but CHOCOLATE is my fav! So please celebrate with me and have some luscious chocolate today and ENJOY!!!

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