Sunday, November 25, 2012

Joke - I couldn't resist!

We all know by now that Hostess has decided to close rather than negiotiate a fair agreement that will benefit both parties. And, the jokes have started. This one gave me an outright laugh!

Hostess Bakery plants
will be shut down on Monday and will be split up. 
The Twinkies go to the State Department,
the Secret Service get all the HoHos,
the Generals get the Cupcakes and
all the Ding Dongs went to Congress.


We all know the employees are now without their Wonder bread and butter!  ANOTHER case of people now out of work before the holidays. I wish them the best.
I can't believe I don't have a pic of a twinkie! What a bummer. The ding dongs I have aren't the chocolate cupcakes.
I hope you all have a good chuckle from the joke, have no one who works for Hostess, and have a good day.  I think I need to put my free snow sign out by the road for the season!

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