Thursday, February 21, 2013

A "Teaser", A Quandry, And a Writing Prompt!

I have a post in progress.  I thought I was done, opened this writing doc, and then writing it has sparked a new line of thought! I do have a brain that really can get into the thought processes and at length!

I'm still having a HORRIBLE time with blogging here. I've written some posts and lost them before they would publish. It seems every time that happens, I'm out of time and have something I MUST get done so I'm out of time. That means I can't try to rewrite it and hope to salvage flowing thoughts that I just put down in writing. I also have problems with my short-term memory from a past accident w/a head injury. When losing my post happened to me last time, I was so bummed and frustrated that I decided to try blogging on wordpress and hope that it works better there. (That happened last week, to my post on SewWithAPurpose.) One major consideration I have, if I were to move, is...

I don't want to lose YOU, my loyal readers!

So I'm not sure what I want to do! I do know one thing though.... I MUST write my post in an email or notepad. Then I can copy and paste and if I lose it, at least I have a copy. And that is what I'm doing with my new post that I can't quit coming up with new ideas for!

It's GOOD, a bit of fun, a dream, and thought provoking post! It started as a writing prompt from word press. It won't work for my sewing blog over there, but is great for here. This is the prompt and you'll understand why I had a new line of thought: "You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?"  You can't plan a huge life change with a farm/homestead to be a fast "plan"! IF you like it and want to use it, please share the link to your blog in the comments section so I can come read yours and my followers can also come visit you too!

I hope to get it finished and posted no later than tomorrow so please check back!  I think this one has lots of potential fun and of interest to all of you loyal readers (who I greatly appreciate)!

So I'll see you SOON!

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