Monday, March 10, 2008

Welcome & Introduction to Ponder This

Do you like to read things that you can ponder on and possibly try out in a fashion that fits your style or needs? Do you like to read short writings that make you think, "So that’s why…." Or maybe "Well, I’ll be!" or such? Do you occasionally ponder the various happenings in life and always look for the answers to "Why?" "Where?" "Who?" or "How?" Then you have discovered the "right place" to visit!

Welcome to my new blog! I hope you will enjoy some posts that you glean info you can ponder on or use. My topic range (at least in the early days here) will vary significantly as I’d like to write about every day things such as home, health, life, family, cooking info and maybe an occasional recipe, tips/ideas, educational items, informative info, etc. I’ll probably even throw in some humor or thought provoking quotes, etc. (What you won’t find here are the extremely controversial topics with a lot of politics, no attacks on people, "filth" and such so kids are welcome!)

I hope coming to see what is up in this tiny corner of the net will afford you time to pull up to your computer with a relaxing cup of coffee, tea, etc. and relax a few minutes!

I hope you’ll find this interesting and will bookmark my blog! I also hope you will take a moment at times to post a comment, even so small as to say "thumbs up" or thanks! Feel free to click the ads also as I’m hoping this endeavor will help me out a bit as I’m out of work with a disability. My goal is to have an activity to keep from being stir-crazy. I also have lived with the personal goal of learning something new every day and I enjoy reading so this seems to be way to be creative and active at home.

I also welcome ideas you’d like to see posted and maybe some things you wish you had time to google and research for a bit of info on. All topics will have to be rated G or possibly PG 13 of course as this will be a "clean" place to visit!

Thanks for stopping in!

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