Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roses & Raspberries - March

PJ, the boy in AZ who was attacked by the mountain lion with rabies on his birthday. PJ remained calm during this and appears to be taking it in stride that he's having to undergo rabies shots. Roses to his family also who are raising him to be cool, calm and collected during adversity! A mountain lion is a creature who can instill the worst of fear in any of us!

A non-profit in Vermont called "Have Justice Will Travel" which provides many forms of assistance for women who are needing legal and other assistance to get out of abusive relationships. I'm impressed with this from a tv interview on Sunday Morning. There are many great women's groups but this one is exceptional in my opinion! You can learn more at: Good Job HJWT!!!

To those who act out with road rage - especially the guy who rammed his truck into the gal and pinned her into her vehicle, breaking her pelvic bone. Violence isn't a solution!

To our fed government for cutting funding to the "Violence Against Women Act"! This is a budget cut for the whole family and for children too.

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I want to use this blog post to commend those who do something great, exceptional, etc and also to send a few well-deserved raspberries to a few less admirable types. This post will be edited throughout March to add to it so you might like to use your favorites and mark it so you remember to stop back by. Also, please feel free to add to it (politely and within the tone of this blog (no profanity, etc. so we stay G Rated ;).

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