Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I saw a cute thing on tv the other day that caught my attention and gave me something to smile about. It wasn't a baby cute or cutsie cute.... just cute! Scottsdale Community College (AZ of course) are the Scottsdale Articokes! I would never have thought of using a veggie for a school mascot. I have however experienced (close up/first hand) the results of hatred against any thing Indian (Am. Indian) for a mascot for schools. Our local school went through the mess and legal hassle of a local tribe fighting to have their mascot changed. Even though I'm part Am. Indian, I really felt it wrong and so unnecessarily expensive for the public school to have to sand down the gym floors, redo walls, new logo, new athletic uniforms, etc to remove the Indian Chief's head. I just personally felt the mascot symbol was intended and probably chosen to represent strength, integrity and honor as that was the era it was chosen in. (Yes, I'm close enough age wise to understand and know the history.)

So, this mascot at Scottsdale CC struck me as cute and smile worthy. I enjoyed the tv news segment telling about "Arti" and a brief glimpse at the SCC campus. Had I heard about Arti, otherwise I'd have probably thought funny and laughed. The news segment was light-hearted and informative..... kinda cute.

Arti struck me as being healthy and vibrant. He was a smilie kinda "guy" with a skip to his step. He had manners and class.

My high school mascot was the panther. It was a sleek, powerful cat. they are automatically thought of as having speed, athleticism, grace.....they have a quiet presence about them and reek strength and ability.

Our local school here has a bronco as a mascot. I love horses, but don't care for this bronco. It's a coarse and wild looking graphic and just doesn't draw me to it. It doesn't speak well to me and the kids don't seem to have a real connection to it either. I find that sad as I feel it should be something the kids bond with for repore' and team spirit.

Do you ever ponder about school mascots? What impressions do you have about the ones that are connected to your life/family? Do you like your mascot? What do you think would make a good mascot?

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