Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Couple Mind Boggling Thoughts For the Day

Wow! With the new gas prices today, the noon news just reported that the local school district will pay $625,000 for fuel for the school buses to get kids back and forth this year! That doesn't account for the potential for another steep rise and if one calls it luck, it was cheaper most of the school year! They approved $125,000 of that last night just to finish this school year! YIKES, and I thought my gas cost at the pump was bad.... Yes, it is! I had the initial thought that I would be thanking my "lucky" stars at the pump, and then the realization hit me quickly that I am paying a portion of that $625,000 out of my pocket as a tax payer!!! The oil companies are getting me double!

Now, IF the oil companies wanted to "play nice", couldn't they give some discounts? Yes, they will cheat us royally and probably sitting "scrubbing" their hands in glee, but it'd be nice if schools and police/fire/ambulances could be given a break. After all, their prices are paid by us all through our taxes.

I think it's time we all stand at the pumps screaming "This isn't fair!" as we pump the liquid gold into our vehicles. OR the greedy oil people should come to my vehicle with a little gilded tray with a paper doily and a piece of chocolate to collect my money and THANK ME!


The other mind-boggling thought was another news item. This one is teen safety at the wheel!

On the average 17 teens are killed daily in the US in vehicle accidents. Friday and Saturday nights are the highest danger. Being an average, I'll leave it to you to ponder the daily averages.

The report also discussed teen driving boot camp and other teen driving safety programs that are in addition to and post drivers education. My thought is that insurance companies give some discounts for wearing seat belts and such. I think parents of teen drivers should consider checking with their insurance to find out if they have any discounts for kids who have taken the "boot camp" safety programs and completed them. It might be worth the expense of the class and if it makes your teen safer then you've already earned a great bonus.


That's today's rambling and I hope you found something to ponder for a moment.... Have a good day and thank you for reading my blog!

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