Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun With Favorites

Have you pondered making a list of your favorites in life? I find the blog profiles and blogs themselves very interesting when they have a favorites listed. I read one a short time ago that made me think it would be fun to just list all our favs. Are you game? You don't have to share it, but it may be one of those time-capsule things that you go back and read some time later, so be sure to date it! Here are some favs to get you started in the thinking process. Don't forget we can all go back and add more or edit a fav listing!

A flower garden - the first crocus' and daffodils of the season - freshly dried clothes off the clothes line- spending time with family - my kids - hugs from a child - my 2 horses (mares) - our cats - my dogs - good friends - a hug from a good friend - a freshly painted room just as it's put back into order - a spring day - curtains blowing in the breeze - scented candles - my computer - vanilla - finding good bargains - curling up with a good book or sudoku in front of the tv- calves playing and bounding around their mommas - baby goats - chickens peacefully free ranging - a proud hen announcing her fresh new egg - a garden with veggies for the picking - apples and other fruit in the Fall - the first pot of chili in the Fall - good news from a doctor - good news from the vet - lilacs loaded with blooms

My list will become huge (as I've learned the age old ability to appreciate good things in life) and I'll be back to add to it!

Any comments?

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