Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Humor

Enjoy the humor! And I just happened to have this tp graphic that will go well with the decorating style!

Here is Jethros Hollyday christmas Shopppin list. AKA what i want for Christmas.

1. Camoflage Shower Curtain
2. Links (That's that new perfume from Jimmy Dean)
C. A Flannel One-zee for bedtime
5. Case of beer (domestic prefurde)
18. A new set of snow tires for the house
42. The Best of Hee-Haw DVD
3rd. A palet of Cheetoes

Hey, I was a good boy all year long.

I thought you might enjoy that. I'm stumped though. Is it "hillbilly" or is it "redneck"?

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