Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hello friends! Yes, friends. I've had this blog long enough that I have you WONDERFUL readers who seem like friends - virtual friends who I'd love to meet in person! Thank you for being here and following my blog and my crazy life! I GREATLY appreciate that you have all stuck with me during this rough patch I seemed to collide with.

Good news! I'm finally doing some catching up and getting some where! I still have just a couple projects that MUST be finished up asap. I hope to have them completed this week. I've sure pulled my hair out over these last few! Well and plumbing issues are NOT in my area of "expertise" or just plain know-how. They have been becoming a hands-on job though. :(

Another good news item is the critters are all doing well. It's been a rough year with some of them and far too many injuries. I do need to trim all the goatie hooves and finish de-burring the 2 horses. They all seem to be content with winter so far and are adapting well. The bucks are losing their stinky aromas so I am suspecting that the 6 does are all bred. I've not seen anyone in heat for sometime. So kidding will start in March if no one has pulled some sneaky will stunt. Goats will do that if they get a chance!

I have my sewing machine ready to use and the beginning of some sewing projects ready to start. Now I need time. I guess I need a new hat. I think I've pulled all the magic out of the ones I have!

I've been relearning to knit and crochet. The bad news is I never knew enough to have it easy to just pick back up. I seem to have forgotten everything but what the yard, needles and hooks are. I also remembered that getting knots in something is a whole lot of entertainment and sometimes VERY frustrating - enough so to grumble and stuff it all back in the bag! I don't throw tantrums, but rather get frustrated and upset that I'm not getting it better/easier. But, the good news is that I spent 4 hours at the dental clinic and FINALLY made progress and was able to actually knit. I was slow, but I was knitting and got somewhere! Since then, I have found a pattern for some baby booties that only take 4 inch squares! I'm really psyched now! I can finally see it coming to fruitation.

Along with everything else in life, I've been dealing with some medical issues. I am heading to the oral surgeon next for some surgery. I also have a lump at the back of my jaw to my ear that needs addressed. Hopefully I can soon get the rest of my health status improved and get back some "forward motion" instead of being stalled!

That being, I have more to share later but need to get back to work for now. I've just felt pretty guilty not posting here and on the 2 new food related blogs I'd just started. So I wanted to hop on in and give you all an update and thank you for staying with me. We'll all be back in business soon!

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  1. Ouch. I hope you get to feeling a LOT better after that surgery, really soon!