Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update From Around the Farm

I haven't disappeared! I'm just VERY BUSY! I've had 3 does kid so far and there are 6 kids. LadyBug, Jewels and now JuneBug have kidded. JuneBug is trying to "unfriend" her TINY girl. So I'm busy with hourly trips to the horse trailer to headlock her and make her let "Dinky" eat and then the other 2 to finish off any milk left. Her actual milk is just coming in so we should be up to speed soon. The kids are FIGHTING taking a bottle. I'm going to pick up a Pritchard nipple at TSC for Dinky. She's soooo tiny that the clear, soft lamb nipples are much to big for her mouth.  So, more later! And I'm trying to get pics too!

I shall return! I ahve a million and one things to try to accomplish today and I know there's NO chance I'll get them all done. But I need to try!

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there! This world will just have to entertain itself! Maybe we can all take bets on colors and markings until you get photos. BTW... have you considered "human" baby bottles and nipples???