Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Question

I've got these beautiful eggs my hens provide me with daily! Aren't they pretty?
I have 13 cute little chicks!
I came home with some nice rabbit cages found for sale on the side of the road! But, I haven't any bunnys yet. I want some. I'm ready for some. I've been pondering the acquisition and looking. I've given it a lot of serious thought. Now I'm READY!

Do you think the Easter Bunny might bring this old lady a few bunnys? After all, I have the other Easter type things! I can't have the candy due to being diabetic, so all that is left is BUNNYS! (I know, y to ie +s. I just like the short way.)

I need the Easter Bunny's address! I want to send him a Dear Santa, errr Dear Easter Bunny letter! Email would be fine!

1 comment:

  1. I know one thing for sure. The "Easter Bunny" should speak with an older rabbit breeder that gets serious about genetics, but especially, Doe disposition. Babies will mimic Mommy. I had a French Lop that was a wonderful mommy! She'd even let my (then 4 yr. old) sneak a kit and go off into the house for a bit, after they were about a week old. She'd bark when she was ready for the baby to come back. Her only flaw... she hated men! Had a Rex Doe that tried killing my buck twice and would attack your hands while trying to set up her feed and water. Sent the 4 yr. old to church one Sunday morning. Emptied a pistol on the Rex Doe. Still had to take a shovel to her head. She was all meanness. And my Flemish Giant Doe.. like having a puppy! A 15lb. one! I don't recommend keeping Flemish's in the bathroom during winter. They can become confused about wanting to be a lap dog. When you're half-asleep... and about the time the flow begins... Take my word for it. It ain't pretty. And the whole family is giving you dirty looks in the morning.