Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Spy Udders!

LadyBug (below right) and JuneBug (below left), ND's, are bagging up nicely! They are both making a significant difference in their udder daily. These girls are 2 of triplets. I usually refer to them as twins being I have the 2 but reality is trips. They actually look like a 2-headed goat but there are really 2 bodies here:
This is JuneBug's 2nd pregnancy. Last year she aborted fully developed quads who were getting their hair and appeared perfect. She had a TERRIBLE time over it. I had to leave her with them for a while so she could process it. My commiserations and attention weren't making any difference and she just needed the time. So I came to the house to get my camera and shed a few of my own tears. It was really sad listening to her crying over them. It was actually a wailing type cry and just a heart breaker. I so so hope she has healthy kids, an easy kidding and DOELINGS! Trips would be AWESOME!

This will be LadyBug's 3rd kidding. She had twin doelings the first kidding, twin bucklings last year and this year just HAS to be a doeling year again. (Hey, there were 13 bucklings and 1 doeling born last year! Then the lost quads were 3 bucklings and 1 doeling.) LadyBug is the doe who was badly injured when pg with her first pregnancy. She is disabled but kidded with no problems last year. I just worry a bit about her because of her severe injuries and the wear and tear on her body.

I still have LadyBug's twin bucks from last year. I really like them both. Patches is to the right with my info. He's a colorful fella! Wrapper is the chamoise (brown w/black trim) buck who broke his leg last Summer and spent 2 months in the house with hubby and I getting it healed. I hope I don't have to pick amongst them as I don't think I could. I like them both immensely. They have a LOT of similarities and yet also have some uniqueness that I really like. They are both very handsome dudes!

Kernals, the new boy is the sire of LadyBug's and JuneBug's kids. I can't wait to see what they produce. Kernals is gold and white. JuneBug is a broken buckskin and LadyBug is a broken, spotted chamoisee (polka dotted according to non goatie people).

After 13 bucklings and a doeling last year, I am DETERMINED that I DESERVE a doeling year! I'm POSITIVE I should never have so many bucklings ever again. That was beyond ridiculous! I don't even want to see any little bucklings this year. They just aren't in my plans!

I guess I better get ready! Being they'll be March kids, the weather can be pretty cold yet. So they'll need some little goatie coaties to wick the moisture away and help while they adapt their body regulators to keep them warm. I'll need to have all the towels, kidding supplies, etc ready for a moment's notice. After all, these 2 girls live life on their own terms and to their own drummer so they won't be thinking of what is convenient for me! Neither does the goat stork!


  1. Hope you have a bunch of healthy and happy doelings! We're at 6 girls and 1 boy so far this year.

  2. Oh, gosh. I remember. Broke my heart to hear your sadness. I'm gettin' ready with ya', Girlie! Fingers, toes... even eyeballs crossed! Whatever it takes! You're right. You DO deserve a really good and healthy Doeling count this year!

  3. Animals must know love. They have that strong maternal instinct. I have a heifer that aborted at seven months gestation and mourned over her baby. I have also had cows lose them at birth and mourn. It's so sad. Hoping for healthy deliveries and look forward to seeing photos of the kids!