Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Dilemma - Clothes Pins!

It's time to be hanging a lot of laundry outside and I have a problem! I have got to get some new clothes pins. I'm sure many of you run into the same issue I'm having. I WANT and I NEED some STRONG clothes pins. I NEED them to hold a pair of jeans on the line without using 20 of them and hoping the wind doesn't stir! Today's clothes pins are JUNK, IMHO! These junky one's won't even hold a sock, dish or wash cloth, or the "unmentionables" on the line.

I can't afford to go buy clamps at the hardware store! It does seem like those clamps are about what I need these days! I need REAL clothes pins. I NEED clothes pins for a REAL load of laundry!

And, I need to get the laundry soap made too. I have all the ingredients, just need to get that soap grated!

So what do you all do about this? This is a REAL problem!

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