Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let the Incubating & Hatching Begin!

TODAY is THE day! The incubator has been running since yesterday. The temp is almost ideal. The 2nd thermometer (with humidity) is now recharged and in to temp compare with the other therm.

I'll be going out to collect eggs soon and hope they aren't frozen due to it being so DARN COLD! And then I'll add all my collected eggs to the incubator and wish them a successful hatching with healthy, vibrant little chickies!

They will be due to hatch March 3rd - 4th!

Do you want to see a banner up with all the seasonal ones to tell when the hatch is due to begin? I hadn't decided if I would do that this year. If you enjoy seeing it there, I'll be happy to add it! Just post me a comment OR mark at the bottom of this post in the "interesting" box. You don't have to log in or anything to mark the "interesting" box! :) No capcha code to try to discern.

I'm really looking forward to hatching again. I really need some little chicks to grow into layers and farm entertainers. I do enjoy watching their antics.

Varmit Control Update: No luck last night as we had a snow storm and it got COLD! There weren't even any tracks in the snow. I've more juicy tidbits to add to the container of cat kibble and a juicy pork chop fat strip to freshen up the aroma.

Off to murmur my little hatch well chickies mumble jumble while slowly circulating my hands over the incubator. Gosh, after last year maybe that isn't the best for wishing my lovely eggs well. I didn't seem to have to great of hatches..... Maybe I need a new gimmick or routine! Maybe a better prayer....


  1. There must be good incubating vibes going around I fired our incubator up this week too! We'll have surprise chickens and some ducks hatching in a few weeks! Good luck with your hatching.

  2. Mine will be partial surprises! Or maybe I should say I'll be surprised if I don't have mostly banty or banty sired chicks!

    Why do the predators pick off the purebred hens and the best of my chickens? They've left me with only a few of my purebreds and the rest are all crossbreds. :( I didn't have very good luck with fertility last year either. So I'm expecting these to be crossbreds and will be shocked if I find a couple of the bantys are from my 3 show/purebred pairs. Oh well, I do need table eggs and hopefully I'll have a better survival rate of the young birds come Fall.