Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So Bummed!

Yesterday I found the Banty Cochin hen in the pic in the preceeding post eaten by a possum. She's the little adorable white hen with her roo. He's pretty much at lost ends yesterday and today. They were really bonded and stuck together amongst the others in that pen. I almost cried. She was a very calm and friendly hen. She followed me around and was fine with being picked up and talked too, as is the roo.

As soon as I can get my big cage from the frozen ground moved, I'll put the roo and my little blue banty Cochin hen with him and hope the 2 will hit it off and become buds.

I'll be getting my incubator out tomorrow and start warming it. Then Friday I hope to be able to set the eggs I have been collecting. The oldest 5 of the eggs will be just a week old so hopefully they are fertile. Aren't the pretty?

I sure do hope I get lucky and have some little banty Cochins in that clutch! There aren't too many banty eggs so I'll be REALLY lucky if I do. There are 2 pairs of banty Favorelles in that pen too so could end up with the eggs being Faverolles.

TSC chickies, here I come! I'll be checking for feather-footed bantys along with some standard size chickes. I'm thinking of ordering from the TSC flier to get some mottled, gold and silver laced and another color of Cochins. I'm hoping they'll have Brahmas too.

Wish me luck. My chickie luck runs really low and I need all the good vibes I can get!

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