Saturday, February 25, 2012

Illusive Birds

Geese? Goslings? Hatching Eggs? They ARE illusive when I want (PREFER) to buy them locally and not pay shipping or have newly hatched babes shipped up here in the cold North! They also want a small order charge added and additional per gosling postal fee. It runs the price right up FAST.

They are also VERY illusive when I look in my pocket!

I wanted a trio of Sebastapols. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their curly feathers. Add that regal stature and those lovely feathers and you have a very BEAUTIFUL bird. BUT, when I started the serious search, I found day olds are $50 each and already sold out! Plus, you have to have a curly feathered bird AND a smooth feathered so you don't get bone deformities as the curly gene and bone genes are in the same spot on the genetic allele.

People on Craigs List aren't very good at responding to the ads they post. If the item is gone, it would be nice if they'd pull the ad or at least hit reply and a "sold" response.

I'm also trying to find out if therer would be any at some of the small animal swaps or such. I hate to spend several hours on the road to get to one if they don't have any geese there!

I've had BAD luck with getting hatching eggs shipped to me. The PO seems to think they are soccer balls or something!

I'll keep looking... I have found a place that has some but don't know their name. I can't look them up so have to catch them home to see if they'd sell a few goslings or eggs.  Maybe they'd sell a trio???

And I'm off to google a fairgrounds that I heard might have some at their sales... another 2 hour drive!


  1. So... you're saying you're spending Sunday on a wild goose chase?

  2. You betcha! I'm not limiting it to just today, Sunday, either! I want some goslings!