Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Observation

Goooood Grief! 


I made an observation worthy of posting about. In trying to hurry up and get here to blogger, my computer was dragging it's hard drive so badly I had to reboot.

Yes, I know what causes that too. My computer and I are getting older and I have the BAD habit of reading emails from RSS feeds that have lots of hot links that are MADE to be explored. So I open a few. Then my computer GROANS and down shifts to try to pull the load and ....then it happens.

I have forgotten what my observation was, even what it was about and now I can't blog about it. So, here I am, a couple hours later and I'm still kicking myself for not jotting one of my ever increasing notes-to-self. Of course then I lose them and can't remember what it was I had written so I wouldn't have a problem with forgetting it.

Instead, I get to wonder where I put it. After all, I JUST had it is my usual lament.

This time I didn't write it down. So, if I'm lucky, I will remember it. But, when I usually DO remember "it", it's when I'm in the barn up to my elbows in something, or the middle of the night and I then can't get back to sleep because I tell myself it's so important that I HAVE to remember it come morning.

It must be time to put a pad of paper and pen by my bed. For a while I solved that issue by jotting it down so I could stew about it in the day time instead of when I am wanting to just sleep.

I need me an Ambien butterfly, but I don't want the Ambien..... just the fluttery little secretary to wave it's magic wand over my head and let me go back to sleep.

After all, tomorrow I'll make a new observation that I'll probably forget too.

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