Friday, September 18, 2009

Gardening Goaties

No pics so you have to just visualize it....

The girls in the romper room wanted a good romp (2009 doelings - when don't they) this morning so "we" decided to do a couple little chores I needed done. Sometimes things are a pita such as the wheel barrow tire is flat again. :( So I used the dolly/hand cart (with low wheels and squeaking like the dickens) and an old fiberglass sink/tub. I needed to move some nicely composted black dirt to a garden plot I've been working on off and on all spring and summer and had tomatoes in it last year. I mulched it heavily with cardboard, bedding and some manure interspersed in there last Fall. Then I had some bad hay given to me so it got a layer of that too. It's loaded with worms under neath so is deteriorating and settling nicely.

With the help of the 8 young inmates from the romper room, the 3 new Boer kids, and several adult goats (Alpine and Boer) along with a horse, I got the tub filled and, while giving rides to who ever jumped aboard, got the dirt moved. With help from all and sundry, the dirt from 3 loads was roughly spread within the wooden sides of the garden plot and is now ready to have the netting strung around it and a couple more posts put in at the corners. They also helped in spreading the dirt around within the frame.

Good gardening goaties that they are, they also discovered there was a job of spreading and compacting the newest compost bin down some and took turns frolicing and jumping in and out of it. The compost bin is pretty full now and next to this garden plot so it was deemed to be lots of fun and part of the gardening game. I will say I'm glad that this group likes to hang out with me as they do make it easier to have them out and about with me that way.

Thankfully I don't have to go after them as they want to be with me and to be "helping". When I call they come running and answering and resume the underfoot assistance.

Needless to say, with lots of fun and my laughs, the project drug out to a couple hours and we were all nicely wore out. We did take a short stroll out into the pasture for nibbles in the "roughts" and their goatie fun there too.

The romper room inmates are now back in their "room" (double stall) to chew cud. They've also met a new inmate. I have a hen who was being picked on, who needs some healing time, and the inmates have been wasting a lot of grain so they've joined forces and now have a feathery maid to clean up after their messy meals. After all, they MUST stand in those tubs with the grain so they don't up and disappear out from under their hungry little mouths!

And, I'm EXHAUSTED! 14 gardening goaties is a lot of "intensive labor"!

I'll try to start posting pics soon. I did get a couple taken of some of them in the paddock but need to crop and shrink it. Altogether, there are currently 22 goats!

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