Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July and Ice Cream Floats

I hope you are all having a nice Independence Day here in the US and hope Canada enjoyed their's on the 1st!

I have the above 2 graphics to share with you and a great treat fit for the 4th and many other times too! I really got a kick out of the patriotic chickens!

I LOVE making floats! It doesn't need a recipe, just a few minutes to put them together and then enjoy the sweet and cold treat!

I especially like root beer or cherry Dr Pepper with vanilla ice cream. Orange pop makes a nice creamsicle flavor. Citrus type pops are a good refreshing flavor.

Sparkling lemonade or flavored is also a great float maker. I especially prefer the peach or cherry lime from WalMart. Some of the flavored sparkling waters are better with a flavored ice cream. The sparkling peach water is GREAT with peach ice cream or other fruit type ice creams.

Once you get started you can look at the pop and bottled sparkling water selections and know if you'll want to try it or not!

The sugar/carb free pops and sparkling water/lemonades are also great with SF (sugar free) ice cream for those with some dietary needs.

Relax and enjoy!

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  1. For some oddball reason I've never liked floats. Weird!