Friday, July 29, 2011

Where did the time go?

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I posted! Where did the time go? I know I got over heated in the excessive heat again and that knocked the feather stuffing out of me for several days. I've spent extra time doing chores as it's imperative that the critters have ample water and are tended to in the heat. They all have fared well. A couple of the younger goats are thinner looking, but that's "fixable". The continued to drink and eat hay, but I did cut everyone back on grain as it adds heat to their bodies in digesting it. I may have cut them back just as they were in a growth spurt so it became more noticible. They are happy and content though and definitely enjoying the temps back to normal.

We finally got some rain a few different days. This has made a difference in the farm crops and the corn along side the roads is looking so much better! The soy beans that looked so puny have perked up and done some growing too. I just hope that coming out of a drought and getting rain will make a good difference. I hope that it didn't stunt the seed/kernal sizes. My garden is now happy!

One of the bad news items was I couldn't sleep with the temps over 80 at night. Now I can finally sleep better with the temps back in the 70's at night. What a difference a few degrees makes just for sleeping!

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