Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Collect Cookbooks!

Is it cook books or cookbooks to be correct? Which ever way is right, I LOVE cook books and I buy used ones all the time. I usually get them at Good Will as they use to be REALLY cheap there. Lately, they've been upping the price on some books. They also no longer have any books in their "last chance" store and much less of a selection in the regular store. This has been a bit of a disappointment as of late. It's not a priority in life and I'm not unduly upset. It's actually, just another sign of the times I guess.

But that being, I hadn't realized the last few times that I was in Good Will that some of the cook books I had picked up were higher priced than the usual 4/99 cents buy for the majority of the books. I then got to the registered and was a bit surprised at the total being more than I expected. That didn't click at first as I just assumed hubby had found a super buy and between the 2 of us I lost track until it was time to pay up. I just paid and didn't think much more of it.

I didn't think much more of it that is, until yesterday, when I expected my store total to be less than $20 and hubby had gone to the car. Instead it was over $35!! And guess what!

What you ask, of course! They had tagged almost all the cook books at 99 cents, 4 at $1.99 and the remaining 4 at 4/99 cents. WOW! I'm sure glad I got some that are REALLY nice looking. I was so busy looking AT them that I didn't notice all those little sneaky tags on the very bottom of the "rib" proclaiming the new pricing.

What a bit of a disappointment. I realize that they had been far too cheap for reality for some time. But I was enjoying my finds and a very happy cook book collector. Being we've had to deal with job losses, medical bills with hubby's stroke and amputations and all, I was considering cook books to be necessities when I could pick them up sooooo cheaply. But now that I'm going to have to be paying a dollar or more a book, I'm going to have to rein myself in a bit.

And, heaven forbid, I think I'm going to have to consider my cook book finds as luxuries! I might have to quit buying so many of them too.

I'll still greatly appreciate and enjoy finding a Taste of Home book that I know retails for over $20 for only that $1.99, but now I'm going to have to take this luxury a bit more seriously.

I guess I'll have to reconsider buying 20 cookbooks at a time and heading to my van with a huge smile! Yes, times are always changing, and they "done did change again", darn it all.

Is it time to decide if I need more book shelves or is it time to say NO MORE for me? Do I need a 12 step program because I like to read cook books?

Or maybe I better check the Good Will prices at the store in the town South of us which we'll be heading to the first of the week. Maybe they haven't caught up with this price increase for used cook books like the store to the East of us!

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  1. I collect them too - I love finding treasures at the library sale or used book stores.