Saturday, July 28, 2012


I bet that title made you wonder! It did me!

I found this interesting and will be watching for these paper plates! I HATE having trash that won't compost and paper and stryafoam are my 2 worst. But it looks like we may now have a compostable alternative. I know I'd like to have the option. I don't use many paper plates just because of the environmental issues. I suspect you may have the same feeling. Hopefully we can spread the news or at least support the effort and keep them in the market!

* Disposable, compostable and biodegradable plates made from 100% bagasse - sugarcane fiber remaining after extraction of juice from the sugarcane. Sugarcane is not only a readily renewable resource, but the sugarcane fiber can be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper and avoids the pollution from normal burning of sugarcane pulp after juice extraction.

* These biodegradable plates are soak proof, have no plastic or wax lining applied to it and can be used for both hot and cold items. A far superior alternative to styrofoam and plastic as well as paper plates made from cutting down trees.

* Unbleached bagasse plates are also available - in natural light brown color. Bleaching is usually not necessary, is pollution causing and is mostly done using chlorine or chlorine compounds, which release dioxins.

* If you cannot find bagasse plates in your local stores you can purchase them online.
From's Living Green

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