Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's so hot....

...that when it hit 100* today, Mr. Tom T Turkey decided to play goose. He stood in the deep dish pan full of cool water and laid right down in it like the geese are doing with their bath tub! I saw them chase him out so found a short sided rubber tub and put it in the shade near him and filled it up. Typical turkey that he is, he didn't realize he could do the same in the round tub (which actually fit him better) and waited for another turn in the rectangular dish pan. I didn't have a camera but will keep an eye out and see if I can get a pic of him doing it again some time. Poor boy ....

I just don't know enough about turkeys and definitely about turkeys who live in normally hot summer temps. Tom has dropped or rubbed out almost all the feathers on his chest and underside. He still has them on the inside of his drumsticks but his chest looks weird being nekked!

Tomorrow we're to ONLY get to 88! It's going to feel wonderful! But we are desparate for some rain.

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  1. Our tom will stand in mud when it's hot. The heat doesn't seem to affect the hens as much.