Friday, July 6, 2012

How hot is it?

It's so hot the sun is panting! It's so hot that we have set a heat record of 103. It's NEVER been that hot in this area in all the years they've recorded weather stats. We've hit 100 some years.... in August! We're in a drought! I've never lived in a drought! I've never heard of wells drying up from a drought here! This is the Great Lakes! Every day this week we've set a record that was last recorded in 1887, 1987 and 1918! It just doesn't get like that here! It's so hot and dry we aren't having a lot of humidity problems! Yuppers, I'm about to whine!

IF you normally buy hay that is grown and shipped from the Northern states, WATCH OUT! Not only is the corn drying up without getting it's growth, the hay fields are all dried up bad and possibly enough to have killed off a lot of the grasses. The alfalfa is gone from them. They may only get 1 cutting this year. I tell you, it's NOT good. We've had some rain go by us but we've not had any rain since back in May! We never had Spring rains this year and very little snow last Winter. It's BAD - VERY BAD.

And you still want to know how hot it REALLY is, right?

Well, my sweet goatie, Jewels, told me to feed her cocoa on the milk stand and she'd give me hot chocolate!

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