Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Down-Sized Goat Herd

The last 5 goaties getting new zip codes are gone to their new homes. What a relief.
The 2 Nigerian Dwarf does (LadyBug & JuneBug) have gone to help get their doelings (Mosey & Maddy) settled in.
So I'm back down to 9 goats and it was definitely faster, easier and quieter doing chores last night with only 7 of the 9 here! I'm milking the 2 Alpines, Claire & Jewels. The 2 Angoras, Delia & Daisy (twins), are about ready for their September/Fall shearing. What HAIRBALLS they are. You can see their eyes, horns, ears and muzzle. Their hooves look like they have no legs attaching them to their bodies! The LaManchas are still the people-orientated love bugs and buddies that they've always been. Sugar never kidded and has an udder and wide belly. I don't know what to think about her. I sure hope she gets bred this year or I'll have to find her a pet home. And, as I mentioned, LadyBug and JuneBug are off on a goatie, working vacation.
And, there is Kernals, my ND buck who is busy with being in full rut and has turned back into a blubbering, stinky boy who wants to spend his time with the does and not in his pen. He's got a long wait though as he's not breeding the does until November. I don't want kids born in the winter. I don't want to milk in the winter. It's too cold here and the cold really makes my hands ache.
And my beautiful Patches, the buck who decided to demolish the pen, is gone. In a way I miss him and I really liked him, but he sure decided to be a snot. as soon has his twin, Wrapper, left. Wrapper was being destructive and would just bash and bash on the gate until he'd break out. That meant all the boys got out, Tom T Turkey and the geese. The geese are there temporarily while I'm working on their new pen. Anyway, Patches was bad enough, but when the girls started coming in heat he really changed and so did his attitude! The pen is one of the older (and heavy) chain link dog pens. The corners are secured with t-posts. He managed to rip 2 panels and the t-post up and off/out of the ground and everyone went their own direction! I really wanted to breed him to a couple does this year, but I wanted to deal with so much damage to repair even less. Then the price of hay has escalated and is hard to find; so that really tipped the balance to down-size as much as possible. I have still have the easy-going Kernals and he can easily cover the 8 does and would have been the buck to have the most does any way.  Kernals is from the same farm as Nipper was and has the same desire to be a buddy and just be easy to be with and have around. That is such a PRICELESS thing in a buck IMHO! I really liked his kids from this year too. So Kernals is staying!
All that being, my base herd is now down to 9. I've had time to enjoy trying out some other breeds and had some really nice kids who I bred. I'm still getting lots of positive comments on them which is sure a feel-good moment! I really have enjoyed it and is a LOT of work. It's also interesting that a goat is so much harder on equipment, the barn, fencing and my time, patience and stamina than horses! A goat at 80-90 # or less compared to a horse that is 1200# makes the work and repairs way out of balance!
Now, I need to get a new avatar pic in my profile. That cute Patches grew up and is moved out. I think the new owner is going to enjoy him. He has a different set up and he knows what I've had to deal with from both, Patches and Wrapper. Who gets to grace my profile now? It sure won't be a picture of me, so don't get excited there!

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