Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Plans for the Day

There was a post on a group today asking what our plans are for the day! I thought I'd post here with my elaborated "plans" for your "enjoyment"! Personally, I think I'm rather a "boring" type person at times and that moment is here! So, enjoy my little writing about what I plan on doing today!

I don't have much planned today which simply means I'll be working on the usual borning and mundane tasks such as laundry, garden, tending house critters (cats, dogs, goatie n her 2 girls, chicklets & chicks), farm work (chores & milking), house work, yard work, cooking, and taking numerous breaks as I go from thing-to-thing putzin' along. ;) I need to have hubby hold my goatie girl today so I can start her back on antiobiotics. Her pastern is abcessing again and rupturing open again. It's not looking good at all. This is from the fireworks incident over a month ago.

I also need to get the chick brooders cleaned and the chicklets (and Keith the noisy guinea keet) in the big brooder need to move to the horse trailer for growing time, the little brooder chicks to the big brooder and the 8 new chicks in the incubator into the new chick brooder. I have 10 new hatchlings but 2 haven't made it. That's the worst part about incubating - the weak chicks that get hatched but don't survive....

I guess I can stay busy with a day of no plans! I can have no plans and still put in a whole day's work! Interestingly, if someone asked me if I'm busy today, I'd probably say, "Not really." Now, why would I say that? Habit?

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