Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yes, potatoes. What could one say about the lowly potato which is a valuable food for so many meals?

We recently ran out of our winter supply and had to buy some from the store 2 weeks ago. I'm about ready for our annual winter stocking up. These huge potatoes in the photo show them with my dehydrator behind them. You can see the 2 potatoes are as long as the dehydrator is wide. Last year was a good year for potatoes.

I just read the following stats regarding the top 10 potato raising states on a group this morning. The 2007 figures are in hundredweight.

1) Idaho 117,000
2) Washington 95,000
3) Wisconsin 29,000
4) Colorado 24,000
5) Oregon 22,000
6) North Dakota 21,000
7) Minnesota 18,000
8) Maine 16,000
9) California 15,000
10) Michigan 14,000
What is your favorite way to eat potatoes? I'm tied between a good baked potato and french fries (steak fries or crinkle cut).

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  1. Oh, my favorite - hands down - twice baked potatoes!!