Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lilacs & Crabapple Tree

They are IN BLOOM, looking GORGEOUS, and they are giving frost warnings for tonight and tomorrow. BAH HUMBUG! I hate getting frosts when these are in bloom as they are such a "sight for sore eyes" and a good mood elevator! I thought I had a photo of them but don't find it. I'll have to try to get one today without the rain.

I have a vase of lilacs here in the living room and they smell sooooo good! I still remember what all it took, including breaking 2 shovels across the blade getting them planted here years ago. I guess I better go get soaked and pick more so I can put some in the dining room too. I have to make sure I get my enjoyment from them as some years they are pretty sparse. This year they are quite loaded.

The honeysuckle will bloom shortly too. It's setting it booms nicely. We usually get about a week where the scent is heavy in the evening and oh-so intoxicating. I always wish I could bottle it to last the rest of the year.

It's only 41* out and after 2 pm. Not good with the frost warning. It will also decimate the fruit crop if it happens. I guess I'll need to travel around with my fingers hexed to try to ward it off, huh?

My wish for the day is NO frost or freeze. I want to enjoy the beauty and aroma of these blooming bushes!


  1. I can go along with that wish... no snow or freeze, please. I love lilacs too.

  2. We lucked out without a freeze last night! I hope we have the same no freeze/frost luck tonight! Welcome to the group and thank you for becoming my 50th follower! Boy did that put a smile on my face to see!