Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Sunday Morning!

Good morning! I think we're going to get some rain today. I may get some time indoors to sit here at the computer more!

In the meantime, I'm drinking the last bit of coffee. Then I'm hitting the ice tea. There is the saying, "Pick your poison!". Coffee first thing in the morning for me won't last much longer. During the winter I drink hot beverages or plain water all day. I'm about to the point that I return to my preferred morning drink - fresh goat milk! Sometimes it's with SF (sugar free) chocolate syrup and sometimes plain. Then it's ice tea or water. I use to enjoy lemon and sugar or sugar in my tea but now it's plain. No more sugar for me. There's plenty of milk sugars in that goat milk though! What's your poison? Is it seasonal or year-around?

The 3 bucklings are leaving today. They are on their way to come get them. So I'm off, back to the barn to give them a bottle and try to take a couple pics. I hear I'm about to help put ear tags in them! Scrapie tags are another thing coming at me that I need to learn. I have a tattoo kit and need to learn that too. One never gets too old to learn and one never quits learning!

After that, I need to get the turkey eggs moved to the other incubator and the main one put on lock down for the hatch! The date just "hit me" and I should have done that yesterday!

Have a great day and I hope it makes your weekend to have been a good one!

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