Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Short Update

I thought I was going to have time to post but the weather is turning ugly. We have a LOT of wind gusts and a storm is coming in. I'll need to get off the computer shortly.

Yesterday was 80 and hot in shorts and tee shirt. Today is cold and wet with the temp in the low 50's. Today is sweat pants with a tee and flannel shirt. It was also bundling up a bit to do chores in the rain and wind.

Yes, you guessed it! The milkstand moved in the barn today! Between yesterday's biting flies and today's rain, inside it went. Fortunately it wasn't too hard to move. The hardest part was my "help" who thought jumping on and off was helping. Everyone needs 3 little ND goaties to help them of course! And not to mention the 3 does who also wanted in on this game. I am thinking if I wanted to move a milkstand around much I'd better put it on wheels. That might not be a bad idea either, if the wheels have locks.

The news on tv tonight was a very sobering "event". The last few days while they talk of opening the flood gates on the Mississippi river has had me feeling sad for the folks who ended up with the river being routed to their farms and neighborhoods in order to spare others' homes due to the damage that is going to happen and which was the lesser of "2 evils". How horrible to be "the ones" who end up with the massive floods coming their way. How could one ever pack up their belongings fast enough to escape this torrential devastation. I've heard from others who are out west and in the evacuation line for the forest fires. How does one plan or act upon an evacuation when they have livestock? My heart goes out to them, as I'm sure yours does. It can't be too great to be the Army, who has had to make the decisions as to what is the best thing to do with such a monumental effect regardless of which way they decided. My heart goes out to them too. My prayers are with all who are "a part" of the whole discouraging disaster. I hope all lives are spared.

The storm is close and I need to get a move on. I'm sorry to end on such a sad note. I guess it shows that sometimes things aren't all exciting and cheerful in life or for homesteaders, farmers and ranchers.

Bless you all, stay safe and have a good weekend!

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