Friday, April 29, 2011


It's 52* out and SUNNY! The grass is GREEN and growing. The tree leaf buds are swelling my and lilacs have a tinge of green to them! I picked a few daffodils and brought them in. THIS is Spring! I LOVE IT!

I'm getting some things done outside today! Yesterday I had to take hubby to the dr, pick up prescriptions, get a couple groceries, etc.

We made our regular trip to GoodWill too of course! I found a JUICER! It's a cheaper one as it's one of the dark blue with speckles on it type like the water bath canners, but it's a jucier and they are expensive new. This looks to be practically new. Unfortunately the booklet is not with it, but I belong to a couple canning groups. I'll try to find a few blog articles with photos too. I found a couple neat cookbooks too! Sometimes I get too excited over such little things!

The laundry on the line is dry too. I love to hang my laundry out to dry. I miss that over the Winter. I'm thankful I don't have rules telling me I can't do this!

Back to work. It's time to fill some milk bottles and get the disbudding done! Everyone gets a bottle to help comfort them through the drama.

Patches is now able to be done too! He's able to jump for joy and cause havoc. Hubby is calling him a guppy - goat + puppy. He flies across the living room and into hubby's lap now. He's traveling in leaps and bounds. It's time to see if he can be incorporated in with the rest of the kids again. There aren't any goats in the isle of the barn now so IF needed, I can pull the 2 biggest boys out so that it's more of a fair situatio to all who are left between size and being disbudded. Hopefully that will work or I'll adjust the situation and find what does!

I'm working on getting the pics of Patches and Lady's trip to the vet done for a post.

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