Tuesday, April 19, 2011


...was one of those days that left a lot to be desired! It started out to getting up, looking out and what did I see.... SNOW! LOTS of snow. I wasn't expecting snow. I was expecting GREEN! GREEN GRASS! It's SPRING. I'm still TIRED of Winter and COLD. Cold comes with snow. YUCK! Unfortunately that set my mind frame. And another quick thought was I hoped the babies in the barn weren't too cold. It was sure cold in the house! Anyway, time to feed the kids and dogs and the cats and I needed coffee! Like in the Winter, my coffee didn't stay hot!

Yesterday was an "action packed day". I had lots of things on my "list of to do's". Too many things. Just regular, every day type things.

I had to go to town and get feed. When I got home to unload they'd not included the beet pulp I'd paid for. I'll have to go back and get that. I REALLY miss having had the mill here that closed. I miss them greatly and I miss the couple who had it greatly too. They were very special people.

I had to finish dealing with taxes as I diddled around til the last minute and KNEW BETTER of course.

I'm heat treating milk for all 11 kids and that's a lot of keeping a close eye on the milk! They're now drinking more than I'm milking so I'm always just behind on that and wish I had milk ahead. I'm buying milk and at the price I'm hating it so not buying but 4 gallons at a time.

With a few days of HEAVY rain before the snow, it's been slick clay and muddy. I was NOT a happy clucker when I slipped and fell on my fanny in the chicken pen and got my hands in it too last night! I'm always happy to know there was NO CAMERA there so at least I don't end up on utube with a million viewers laughing at my mishaps and antics. I just have to know that the poultry are laughing their feathers off. YUCK! The best part of the whole thing was I had just sat the egg basket down so I could try to get the eggs in the dog crate that is there for the turkeys so no eggs were harmed. But the eggs are sure dirty from all the dirty birdy feet! The bedding is dry!

And, the does weren't too happy with me either. They complained about my cold hands on their delicate anatomy parts they wanted to keep warm! Becca (bratty yearling Alpine) had been a jerk (before I put her on my nice new milk stand) was beating the tar out of June Bug (ND) with her trapped in a corner with no escape. She managed to kick the milk bucket out of my hand with almost all 3 quarts of milk dumped.

And, unfortunately, today is very much like yesterday. Geeezzz! I want the REAL Spring back! The happy-go-luck type one!

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