Monday, April 18, 2011

She's Coming Home!

I don't have pics of her I have resized to post! I'll have to take new ones when she gets here! Anyway, YES, she's coming home! I didn't expect it, but when I let her go, I prepared for it just in case. She left on a life time lease that said if they couldn't keep her they had to return her. They are HONEST people and kept their word and honored the lease! That hasn't happened very many times at all in my horse related life! Sadly, I could count the number of times it has on my fingers! Unfortunately, Grace had been injured so I was concerned that she'd end up at slaughter. She has the ability and genetics to be an outstanding broodmare and has proven it with a gorgeous filly. When I first got the call I immediately thought of a new placement for her that I could send her too but I'd have to give her up permanently for it. Then more I've thought of it the more I wonder if I can afford to keep her now. I've really missed her and I know Summer has missed her even more. They are paternal sisters and have always been together. So now I've decided to keep her here over the Summer while there's plenty of pasture, enjoy some time with her and see how it goes. I would also loose the ability to have another foal from her if things change financially for me in a couple years. I'd really love to breed her again if the horse industry and my situation improve. But, for now I'll get to enjoy her company some more and that's a blessing I hadn't expected but I'm excited over! I just wish that Jodi hadn't had the unforeseen situation crop up in her life. (If you want to send prayers for her I'm sure she'd appreciate it immensely!) I'm not going to make a welcome home banner but I sure bet Summer will be screaming one when that trailer pulls in!

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