Thursday, April 14, 2011

Incubating News

The 3 little mixed breed hatchlings are doing great. All 3 are getting around well and strong and vibrant chicks. With my luck they will all 3 be roosters! Just what I need!

I cleaned the one incubator and have some chicken and the turkey eggs in it. The chicken eggs take 21 days and the turkey 28 days til hatch.

In a week I'll set the turkey eggs I continue to collect in the other incubator and continue to do that weekly. I got 6 turkey eggs last week to hatch and I can put 48 eggs in the incubators. Being the Bantam eggs are small I can add a few more than 48. That allows me to put the 6 turkey and 6+ chicken eggs in each week and I'll have chicks that can help the poults with eating and drinking and such and not be so old they want to peck on them. I've not seen Thomas T Turkey mating with the hens. I do see the hens submissively laying down next to him but he continues to strut, display and vibrate his feathers making his strumming music while his head turns red and his wattles red and blue. He's got the foreplay part down but I don't know if he's getting the business part finished. Maybe he needs to take note of the roosters who don't know the meaning of foreplay and are all business and professional stalkers!

I also have the money now to order the parts for the other incubator that had it's wafer croak. That will help immensely being I have to quit hatching earlier this year so the chicks and poults have more time to mature before winter.

It took too long for Winter to end and now Spring seems to be flying!

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