Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm in Conflict

with the weather! I so hate Winter and was so glad to see the end of it, but I didn't expect to have July and August in the Spring, and in May and early June. PHEW, and I'm not doing to well with it physically, either. I'm in the upper midwest and not use to this early and excessive heat.

I don't know about you all, but I'm VERY concerned over what our Summer temps are going to be! It's MIGHTY darn hot sitting so close to a hot goat to milk as it is now!

I hope you all are taking pecautions to stay safe as this seems to be nationwide!

I need to go buy feed and am concerned about over heating to unload it! With the price of gas, I don't want to buy it and not get it unloaded due to the extra weight being a gas guzzling weight to haul around!

Me? I'm about to go out and buy an air conditioner! I've been looking at them online and Lowe's has one that looks to be helpful! In the meantime I'm off to get more ice, a wet towel (cold) and am considering hugging a frozen beef brisket while it thaws!

(Wrapper is doing well. Hubby's finally in here so it's about time to rewrap his leg so I can check on it. He's snoozing in front of "his" fan after a snack of fresh leaves and some grass I picked him. He's going to be more spoiled than his momma at this rate!)

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