Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This That and the Other Things

Wrapper is doing great. He went back to the barn yesterday because he decided to demolish the house, jump the kid pen, and pee in my desk chair. His leg is healing but I'm still concerned over the outcome but I can't keep him still - he's a goat and a frisky young one! Nature will have to do it's job the best it can as this boy is another who dances and jives to the song, "Don't Fence Me In", amongst others. He has the music in his little heart and believes his hooves were made for dancing to his own drummer. I have to let him dance while TRYING to keep him safe.

In the last couple of weeks, I've had the horrible experience of predators desicating my chicken flock. What a shock to go out the first of it and find 6 hens slaughtered. I've trapped a possum and a coon. Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks I've not lost at least one hen. I have suspected that I might have a momma coon bringing her ravenous, growing offspring to teach them the fine art of picking off my chickens for a free dinner! Then last night there was another possum at the back door in the cat food. Someone PLEASE find that sign out to the woods offering free chicken dinners! Losing over 25 hens is devastating to me! Yes, I need to do more fencing and work. I've also decided that I should get another live trap. One can't keep up! It's either there are several varmits at once or a lul and none at all. Sadly, it's getting easy to dispatch varmits.

And that is just a touch of the work needing dealt with here on the homestead!

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