Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We had to go to town Monday to pick up prescriptions, a few groceries and the usual.

I found the goatie kids a new little tykes toy for clambering all over. It's like a toy box (probably was one) but no lid ($1.99). They'll be able to crawl in it or on it. They tend to like places to crawl into for a snooze. We're getting quite a playground going in the big stall in the barn! I also found a short but very sturdy table for $1.99. I want to see if I can find a piece of rubber (old car mats?) to gorilla glue on top as it's pretty slick. I want to glue some around the edges too so the corners are less dangerous. I'll use my dremel to take a bit of the sharpness out of the corners too. I don't want a bruised udder or such from someone clowning .... goating around. The design of the legs is "all stability" and they are a good-sized, heavy weight material (metal/steel) that won't tip or such.

I found the mark down section at the Meijers garden center and, OH MY, I was sunk! I bought a bunch more tomato plants CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! I also got quite a selection of pepper plants that I didn't have. Then I found packages of asparagus and strawberries even CHEAPER! I've not seen them near that price for YEARS!

I was really really hoping to find a few more rhubarb plants, but no luck there.

I LOVE to look at all the yard toys in the garden centers. Have you seen this year's watering cans that are pigs and roosters? They are a dark metal and so cute! They are also still there on the garden center shelves though. I just "drooled" a little with a smile on my face while "examining" them workmanship and design. CUTE!!

I'm going to have a new asparagus and strawberry bed! I'm estic! My old ones had seen better days and had been so aged they couldn't revitalize themselves. They were also too far from the house and the wildlife did too much damage. The strawberry shoots had reverted to the tiny little bits of a berry and loaded with tons of seeds. Next year we'll have fresh, new plants producing! The asparagus will need an extra year though.

I better be doing a whole lot of tomato canning late summer! And I'll have green tomatoes to "spare"! I discovered green tomato pie that is remarkably like apple. I also had never heard of freezing some green tomato slices for later frying or roasting. Roasted green tomatoes are good too!

I'm behind on my gardening and now I need to get myself back in gear! I have my work cut out for me! It's raining right now though, so I get to take a break and share with you!

I also bought a heavy-duty, outdoor electric cord at WalMart (pricy). Upon getting home, hubby noticed it is NOT grounded! I read all the front of the package how it's useful for all the outdoor needs, including electric tools like trimmers and such. But, WHY IN THE WORLD isn't it grounded? I actually wonder if it's a legal requirement (all the UL "mumble-jumble" that they be. What ever, I'm returning it. I don't want to fry myself or the horses or goats on the stock tank, etc.

All in all, it was a good trip but TIRING! And I found gas 20 cents a gallon cheaper then here our little rural village!

Bring on the strawberries!!!

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