Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Week Busy Day

I can't believe I've not gotten anything posted in a week. It's not from lack of topic, but rather I have been soooo busy! I had to get ready for a snow storm and got 8" and then have had to deal with the resulting snow and chores. Now that it finally got nice out yesterday we have freezing rain and another 8-10" of snow coming in tonight and thru Monday.

Bah humbug to Winter! I'm ready for Spring (and only 4 weeks or 28 days to go). Today I've already dealt with a buck doing a head butt on the chain link gate and it popping open. He then let himself in the barn so all 3 bucks were loose to butt heads and have a good ole time! The 2 out of the barn promptly went to the pen of the escapee to buck scratch and butt the rubbing tree and have a good ole bucky time. One of my ND does was out and of course she's in heat! But..... I didn't want to breed her til next winter. She is just 12 months. She was pretty much velcroing herself to the ND buck thank heavens but I'm still wondering...... Gotta make a decision.

Of course the buck getting out means the gate was wide open for the chickens. They got a chance to clean up some spilled grain for me but I had to herd them back in along with having the bucks in the way. Fortunately the pen is the safe spot for the chickens so they did want to go back in instead of running off doing crazy "I escapeed" things.

Now that the goats are corraled, the wood stove going good, I need to run to town and get a few sale items from the local grocery store, run to the hardware store and pick up my feed order. Then I need to come home and unload everything! That does me in as those grain bags are heavy and my body is lacking the strength and endurance it requires. It must be unloaded as the van needs to be back up to the house due to the storm and ice coming in tonight.

I also need to get a few days' firewood in as I don't want to be out traipsing on ice with it when it can be done in advance.

Before I can go I have 2 chairs in the back of the van that need brought in. I've not been able to get the front gate open as it's iced down. I may just have to back up to the horse trailer and sit them in it for a few days until I can get them into the house. Hubby had a few doctor appts. this week se were were out and about and made a stop at a 2nd store and picked up some sale items at a grocery store. (More appts.this coming week too!)

This is a royal pain. ;) Living where it's cold and freezes up for months is really an art in juggling one's life around to meet the needs of the humans, animals and Mother Nature's efforts to thwart activities. This is why I say bah humbug to winter. Everything needs to be dealt with pending the weather or instead of being at issue level it becomes challenge level!

So, I'm off again and I hope to get back soon! I've added several writing topics to my list as I haven't had time to post! See you soon!

PS I need a housekeeper!


  1. Seems you are too! ;)

    I'm really looking forward to getting a Jersey x Holstein heifer soon! I've missed having any cattle.