Friday, February 12, 2010


When you think of "hundreds" what comes to mind?

When I think of "hundreds" there are some things that come to mind for me that others would think of and some they might. Some of "my things' are:

100 years ago
100 pennies are 1 dollar and yet many think pennies are worthless
100 pounds of flour or sugar aren't so much if one bakes a lot and cooks from scratch
100 words
100 parking places in a lot - I wonder how many are really there!
100 dollars (I wish I had to "spare" for the "fun" things)
100 chickens giving me 100 eggs per day
100 goats would be a whole lot of fun but also a whole lot of work
100 bales of hay isn't much at all but sure takes up space
100 # of grain for the chickens might feed that 100 chickens for a day
100 # of goat feed won't last long
100 trees would be a nice sized number for summer shade and the goats to get some leaves from
100 jars of home canned tomatoes needs to be my 2010 goal
100 # onions is about what we consume over the winter
100 # potatoes won't last a whole winter
100 times my dogs run in and out in a day it seems
100 senators in the senate (per hubby)
100 syringes in a box for a diabetic only lasts a month but 100 farm syringes lasts "forever"
100 cups of coffee - I wonder how long it takes me to drink them
100 calories makes a good snack amount
100 degrees on a hot day is toooo much
April 10th - 100th day in a year
100 mph would be good for a trip to jail
100 cm in a meter
100 miles is about a 2 hour drive if not in a big hurry
100 clouds in the sky can pass over on a windy day
100 M n M's - how many are there in that 14 oz bag?
100 jelly beans in an Easter basket is exciting
100 seeds in a packet of flowers
100 pounds or gallons of goat milk - yum
100 gallons of milk equals 10# of cheese
100 fence posts makes a nice size pasture
100 bottles of beer on the wall

And, 100 is the number of this post on my blog! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you'll be along for the next hundred!

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