Saturday, February 13, 2010

Did you know that....

... the "The Kellogg's Corn Flake Rooster" was named Cornelius and was a Welsummer rooster? I didn't and my father worked for Kellogg's as a printer! I wonder if he knew?

I was referred to the following website which sells chicks and hatching eggs along with many other farm activities.
There's a pic of a roo at the top and further down a carton of eggs showing how dark they are and some are spotted too. Then there's a pic of some Welsummer hens. I'd have to describe them as "patchwork" rather like a homemade quilt. They have distinctly colored areas on their bodies just like a patchwork quilt! Welsummers are reported to be very friendly.

I think I'm becoming addicted to chickens! I'm going to look at chicks Tuesday while in town and wanting an incubator BADLY.
Is this just a sign of spring or what? What ever it is, I'm becoming "one sick puppy" over chickens and what to add to the flock this year! And I'm so waiting for spring, and counting the days as you can see from the countdown banner above.
Where does one get a diagnosis for this? Is the treatment just to get over it and get some rather like "chicken soup for the soul"? After all, chickens are the hardest working critters on a farm other than draft horses! I do so love those eggs and sure get a lot of enjoyment out of collecting them!

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